Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Not-so-productive day turned productive after dinner - bad habits!

Some habits are hard to change. I woke up feeling ready to be productive, but once I had breaks fast and got ready, I was drawn to the TV. During the afternoon, I ordered some stuff from Victoria's Secret to take advantage of their semi-annual sale and free shipping. Here's to hoping I got the sizes right!

After dinner I finally got to the work I was supposed to have done in the morning: trying to finish up my grad school applications. I am applying to Biological Sciences Ph.D. programs in the US. I have been waiting on this paperwork from the bank. Think they will have it for me to pick up tomorrow. In the meantime, I filled out forms that my dad had to sign, emailed a professor and finished my last essay. My boyfriend was super helpful and proofread my email and essay. I am so thankful for his support throughout this whole process. He has been on my case, trying to keep me motivated and on track to meet deadlines. The last one is on Saturday, which means everything must be done by Friday. Hopefully, the bank will have the papers ready tomorrow morning so I can get it all ready to mail out in the afternoon.

All this to say that I tend not to be productive until after dinner - most of the times this ends up being a problem, because I stay up late and have to get up early in the morning. Let's hope this year I can change that habit. I will only have classes Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, and I TA (teaching assistant for labs) on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons. Hopefully I will learn to be a bit more productive on my time off.

Today, my mom came home with a book for my brother, but I have decided I should read it too. It's O Método Ser Bom Aluno - 'Bora Lá? by Jorge Rio Cardoso. It seems really interesting. It a dresses students to explain how to become a better student and parents and teachers to guide them in better ways to stimulate the students to become better. It says it applies to university students too, so I decided to give it a try and read it while I am home. (My brother started yelling and saying he wasn't gonna read it, because he didn't need it, anyways.)

Off to bed to get up early and go to the bank!


  1. صباغ الكويت .. هل تبي صباغ شاطر ورخيص بالكويت ؟ هل تريد فني تركيب ورق جدران أو معلم جبس بورد أو تركيب باركيه؟ لا داعي للبحث كثيرا، نحن نوفر لك أفضل الفنيين في الكويت، خدمات صباغة و تركيب ورق جدران وباركيه وجبس بورد علي أعلي مستوي من الحرفية والمهارة، من خلال فنيين متميزين ومدربين، قادرين على تنفيذ أي تصميم يخطر ببالك، لدينا تصميمات بأفكار لا تنتهي، ديكورات مودرن عالمية.

    لدينا أفضل صباغين بالكويت، جنسيات مختلفة، صباغ شاطر ورخيص، نوفر خدمة مميزة جدا بأقل الأسعار, يتميز الفنييون لدينا بالمهارة العالية والسرعة فى التنفيذ، لأننا نحرص على وقتك ونعرف قيمته، وأيضا نهتم جدا بأدق التفاصيل ولا نترك اي ثغرة فى عملنا، كل عمل نقوم به هو لوحة فنية نفتخر بضمها الي سجل أعمالنا.