Wednesday, January 4, 2012

The banquet!

I wanted to share with the world the big banquet I had with my grandpa yesterday. He goes hunting for thrushes (I believe that is the word for tordos in Protuguese - at least according to Wikipedia) on Thursdays and Sundays. He invited me over for lunch yesterday for a meal of two thrushes and rice with beans (assim como quem diz arroz de feijao).

It was delicious and it looked delicious, so we took some pictures.

The appetizer -  a nice salad with cucumber, tomato, cheese, egg yolk, and prosciutto (ou presunto). He even tried to make a face. (It took a good half hour of preparation, in which I wasn't allowed to look!)

Once the thrushes were ready...

We had them with arroz de feijao!

Doesn't it look delicious?

It's always such a great meal, we call it a banquet!!

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